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Are you considering moving into a home that’s over 30 years old or currently reside in one that hasn’t had a full rewire update in over 25 years? At Ensurge, we recognise the importance of ensuring your home’s electrical system is safe, efficient, and compliant with modern standards.

Given that either a partial or full rewire can be a messy job, it’s crucial to have an electrician perform a complete rewiring before engaging in any decorative work. Electrical work is an integral part of building regulations, whether you’re opting for a full rewire, making substantial alterations, or installing additional features. Faulty electrics pose serious risks such as fire hazards or electrocution, underscoring the importance of ensuring that all electrical installations and appliances adhere to current regulations, safeguarding your home and family.

Our experienced engineers conduct a thorough electrical check for both new and existing homes, undertaking a complete rewiring process. This ensures that your home’s electrical system is not only safe but also compliant with standard regulations, providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety of your home and loved ones.

Full Rewire service

Full Rewire

Through complete rewiring, we revamp the entire electrical system, ensuring adherence to industry standards and elevating safety. Alternatively, our partial rewiring services provide targeted solutions for specific issues or upgrades, focusing on problematic areas or integrating new components.

Partial Rewire

Our partial rewire services are tailored to address specific issues or upgrades in your property’s electrical setup. Whether targeting problem areas or incorporating new elements, our skilled electricians provide effective solutions that enhance safety and efficiency. Trust us to revitalise your electrical infrastructure with precision and expertise

First Fix

Our electrical first fix services lay the groundwork for a seamlessly integrated electrical system in your home or commercial space. From wiring installations to positioning outlets and switches, our skilled electricians meticulously plan and implement the initial electrical components, setting the stage for a safe and efficient electrical infrastructure. Trust us to bring precision and expertise to the first fix stage, ensuring the foundation for a reliable and future-ready electrical system

Second Fix

Our electrical second fix services add the finishing touches to your space, focusing on fixtures and devices to bring your electrical system to life. From installing switches and sockets to setting up lighting fixtures, our skilled electricians ensure that every detail is expertly crafted for functionality and aesthetics. With meticulous attention to detail, we complete the second fix, transforming the initial groundwork into a fully operational and visually appealing electrical system that meets your specific needs

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Who can rewire your home?

Rewiring a domestic house is a complex task that involves electrical work. It should be carried out by a qualified (NICEIC) and licensed electrician to ensure the safety and compliance of the electrical system. It is crucial to hire a licensed and experienced electrician for rewiring projects to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes. Attempting to rewire a house without the necessary expertise can lead to safety hazards, electrical issues, and non-compliance with local regulations. 

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