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Electric Vehicle Charging

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What is an Electric Vehicle Charging Port

Electric vehicle charging points are increasingly in demand and while there are now more than 42,000 charge point connectors across the UK in over 15,500 locations, there are several benefits to installing a home-based or workplace electric vehicle charger that can make it a better option compared to relying on a public charger.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Home EV Charging

Discover the convenience of charging your electric vehicle right at home with our expert domestic EV charging port installation services. Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless integration, selecting optimal locations, installing the charging unit, and configuring it for efficient and reliable charging. Experience the ease of fueling your electric vehicle from the comfort of your home with our tailored and professional installation solutions.

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Who can Install an EV Charging Point?

The installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging point is typically a task for a qualified and certified electrician or an electrical contractor with experience in installing EV charging infrastructure. It’s essential to hire a qualified electrician for this task to ensure the safety and reliability of the charging station.

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